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PIPELINE INSTALLATION sewer.water.drainage

BRYCO is approved for sewer construction works, enabling us to work on live sewer assets belonging to various water agencies across Victoria.

​We install pipe, build maintenance holes, maintenance chambers, maintenance shafts, inspection shafts, provide property branches and connection to new and existing sewers using our own specialised certified formwork, testing and safety equipment. 

We work closely with water agencies who monitor and test our installations to ensure the high standard expected by the authorities, the customer and the community.

​With our fleet of plant, equipment and formwork we can deliver drainage, sewerage and water projects efficiently and to a high standard. 

We've been involved with wetland developments and road realignment works, as well as greenfields and upgraded infrastructure across various municipalities.

​We can manage large or small earthworks and prepare sites for a variety of purposes; from stormwater to sewer, trenching to tanks, and pipe-laying to pit structures using our specialised *Geoplast formwork system and certified trench shields and pit boxes.

​Staff are licensed and experienced and all our equipment is compliant to Australian Standards and well maintained. 

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