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Non-Destructive Digging (NDD) is fast becoming the preferred method of excavation in the underground utility/asset industry as it does not damage or disrupt existing services.

This technique uses high pressure water along with a powerful vacuum system to safely excavate a hole or trench. This eliminates any risk of asset strike that may be present on your job.

Our NDD unit will dig around an existing pipe or pit for repairs and maintenance purposes or to clean out the inside of pits and manholes.

We will make sure you are left  with a clean pipe or pit to work on or in.

At BRYCO we use our Cappellotto CAP COMBI 3200 CL  highly versatile vacuum combination unit.

Combining high efficiency vacuum performance, drain cleaning, hydro excavation, we can manage diverse applications.

The 6″ boom extension allows us to complete works in tight to reach spots in a 270 degree arch around the unit. This reach offers 20m of vacuum hose extension for hydro excavation and drain cleaning works.

The wet vacuum recovery makes light work of applications such as pit cleaning or gross pollutant trap debris removal. With the low level of manual handling involved when operating this unit, GPT Cleaning can be completed in a safer manner when compared to alternative units.

With the 4,636m3/hr (2,728cfm) vacuum pump and 8kL water tank, hydro excavation work can be completed efficiently and productively. With the units extra reach boom extension and 20m length of vacuum hose, hard to reach locations are accessible to complete non-destructive digging activity.

Our CCTV service van with the WinCanVX software and technology installed,  can provide our customers with the latest developments and software required by authorities, in order to fulfil our testing and inspection obligations, eg.  collect pipe inspection data, organise it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe precision or defects which may need correction.

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