A concrete water tank is a superior water storage solution because it:

  •  saves space - can be buried underground, below gardens or on the side of a hill

  •  can provide a platform for gazebos or decking due to load-bearing qualities 

  •  solves small plot space issues and aesthetically pleasing

  •  offers an environmentally effective way to store water 

  •  harvests rainwater, saves town water reliance, lessens water bills, attracts rebates

  •  solves new home compliance obligations which require additional water supplies

  •  keeps water clean and algae-free 

  •  keeps water cool

  •  stores larger capacities than plastic or steel tanks

  •  provides emergency water for fire-fighting

  •  provides back-up water during drought

  •  lasts a lifetime - concrete is recyclable


At BRYCO we have experience in the onsite construction of domestic/rural concrete tanks from 45,000L up to 150,000L with a choice of sizes in between as follows:


45,000L          5800mm           2300mm

75,000L          7200mm           2300mm

90,000L          7900mm           2300mm


125,000L        9300mm           2300mm

150,000L        9600mm           2450mm




BRYCO offer cost-effective concrete tanks with out compromising quality.

Concrete tanks should last a lifetime, however upfront costs tend to be more expensive than panel or poly tanks due to the specialised work involved and the cost of materials to construct, but long-term they prove more satisfactory, offering the benefits mentioned above.

Contact us to discuss the price to suit your needs.





Our tanks are built to engineering specifications, with drawings and calculations by our certified engineer.

We offer different design aspects, such as providing tanks with light-duty lids, heavy-duty for buried tank scenarios and also trafficable designs.

Good quality concrete tanks are built with 40Mpa concrete for added strength especially with heavy loads on the lids and to eliminate porous outcomes.

BRYCO choose Australian-made reinforcement that will last the test of time to ensure minimal fuss during the life of the tank.

We guarantee our tanks for 20 Years and stand by our product as we build to Australian Standards and Engineering specifications.

Standard Compliant BRYCO Concrete Tanks are constructed to meet Australian quality standards including AS3735 – Concrete Structures for Retaining Liquids and AS3600 – Concrete Structures.

Our tanks come with optional:- certified access hatches, brass outlets, CFA connection points, level indicators, calmed inlets, drainage plugs and cleaning sumps.


Concrete tanks are built using internal and external formwork on a concrete pad.

The internal formwork is elevated so the floor and walls are all one piece to minimise leaks and maximise strength. Reinforcement is installed between the forms and concrete is pumped in and vibrated, creating a complete water-tight shell. The roof is most commonly a concrete lid which is constructed on site using joists and bars with steel reinforcement to suit the Kpa design, however it can be a steel corrugated lid which is a galvanised truss system with corrugated iron screwed down.